Why we decided to start The Mason Mile:

Nobody enjoys being overweight or feeling depressed or anxious; we want to use our skills and resources to make a sustainable behavioural change within the families that need help in this area – enabling others to achieve a healthier, happier and more enjoyable life.

We hope to achieve this by improving exercise, diet and mental well-being for the families that are disadvantaged, underprivileged, or poorly educated on health/fitness, with a particular focus on supporting the physically and mentally handicapped.

In 2017, Stephen Mason, who is recognised as one of the South-East’s leading entrepreneurs, is the founder and force behind The Mason Mile Foundation. The Mason Mile is a private charity which encourages children, parents and families to run a mile.  It works on the simple premise that if everyone starts exercising, just running, jogging or walking a mile, it will help tackle health and mental health issues.

Through his own personal drive and commitment to child health issues, Stephen has helped bring together health organisations, schools, housing bodies. The Mason Mile works with health referral pathways to tackle child obesity and mental health issues at the family level.

Over 10,000 children have already completed The Mason Mile and the goal is to have a million people finish the Mile by 2021.

Stephen is a thalidomide sufferer with acute dyslexia and left school with no qualifications (apart from the record for the under 12’s one length butterfly!).

He took his GCSE’s and A-levels twice and played rugby for Kent (and had England rugby trials).

Stephen obtained a 2.1 degree in IT and went on to successfully work in investment banking and IT.

All of Stephen’s companies have been started from scratch and have resulted in an eclectic mix of businesses as he invests in business partners. These range from a hedge fund and a recruitment company, to a management consultancy and a software company. These businesses have a combined turnover of £75 million and employ a total of 400 staff globally.

Timeline of Stephen’s achievements of the past 10 years:
  • 2007 : Trinity Theatre was due to go out of business and the 300 seat venue was turned around with a unique business model (since adopted by many other regional theatres).
  • 2008 : Thalidomide victims negotiations with UK Government for a settlement and apology.
  • 2009 : Formed Palm Mason
  • 2010 : Formed MThree
  • 2010 : Canoed The Thames (Cricklade to the Dartford Crossing)
  • 2011 : Invested in and turned around Rudolph Wolf and Subscriptions Marketing
  • 2011 : Formed Mason IT
  • 2012 : Created The Tunbridge Wells Arts Festival
  • 2013 : Drove “Around” the world (France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungry, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Canada)
  • 2013 – 2014 : Drove “Down” the world (USA East coast, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile)
  • 2014 – 2015 : Drove “Up” the world (Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Sardinia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Italy, France) (Website : Stephen Mason Blog)
  • 2016 : Started writing “Squashing The Hog” – 9 rules for establishing a successful company; with examples of how these rules were used when driving the world. (In progress)
  • 2017: The Mason Mile