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We’d love to introduce you to The Mason Foundation’s dedicated and hard working team, without whom we wouldn’t be able to deliver our Mason Mile initiatives. 

Anna Skeats - Chief Executive Officer

Anna was appointed Chief Executive Officer of The Mason Foundation in 2019 in the early stages of the charity’s formation. She has since led the transformation of the The Mason Foundation, securing significant funding to deliver their ambitious strategy, rolling out The Mason Mile to help the most vulnerable members of society become active. Her passion and drive to support communities, has been fuelled by her extensive experience in the public health sector that spans over 15 years.

Anna began her career as a Public Health Nutritionist, where she was responsible for developing, implementing, and leading various community based programmes. She soon advanced to senior leadership roles, overseeing various community health and wellbeing projects and initiatives both within The NHS and for a national social enterprise. More recently, in her previous role as Head of Business Development, Anna combined her passion for community wellbeing with her business and commercial acumen leading a large national health, leisure and wellbeing company, driving growth and development.

Anna is committed to supporting the development and delivery of cross-sector action to address health inequalities at a national and local level. It became clear to Anna that the needs and wellbeing of disadvantaged communities are often overlooked, and she felt it was paramount that she did something about this. Her unwavering commitment and drive to deliver a solution led Anna to her position at The Mason Foundation. Through her role as CEO, she strives to challenge inequalities and create a meaningful and lasting difference to those who need it most.

Rosie Whitehead - Head of Operations and Engagement

With extensive experience in community engagement services, Rosie is plugged into this sector and well connected across the South East. As Head of Operations and Engagement, she is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of The Foundation’s day to day activities and leading engagement with partners, stakeholders, and funders. Rosie is committed to making a difference to the wellbeing of communities and this determination has formed the blueprint of her career.

Rosie attended the University of Greenwich, where she graduated with a degree in Events Management. It was here where she learnt to embrace a spreadsheet, a practice that translates in her exceptional organisational skills. After leaving University, Rosie began working for one of the UK’s leading Automotive PR agencies as an Events Executive. However, she soon realised she wanted to pursue a career that focused on supporting others.

Rosie has enjoyed various roles within the third sector and in 2017, began working for Red Zebra Community Solutions, where she successfully managed a project in Medway with a focus on community engagement and health improvement. Subsequently, Rosie was promoted to their Head of Operations in 2019 but did not lose her enthusiasm for supporting marginalised communities.

After a break to have her baby, Rosie is delighted to join The Mason Foundation in a role that combines her passion for engagement and communities with her excellent operational management skills.

Deborah Dial - Project Manager

As Project Manager for The Mason Foundation, Deborah has played a pivotal role in our development. Her high level of accuracy and exceptional attention to detail are skills that have been carefully refined during her 17-year career. Deborah’s high standards have been consistently recognised by many as invaluable, thus shaping her professional growth within the corporate sector.

Deborah has enjoyed a variety of roles, including Account Manager for Eden Red and Board Level Executive Assistant for OSTC. Over the last few years, Deborah decided to channel her experience into helping start-up organisations embed good practices and successfully implement their strategy.

Deborah is a big advocate of health and wellbeing and has loved the opportunity to be involved in an organisation where she can use this passion to make a difference. Deborah has trained in many alternative therapies including massage, aromatherapy, mindfulness, and nutrition, and is also a mental health first aider – supporting those organisations that also champion mental health. She loves to stay active through Pilates, Yoga and Nordic walking, and has always enjoyed encouraging others to also have wellbeing at the forefront of their own goals.

James Mason - Project Manager

James graduated from Brighton University in 2012 with a degree in Business Marketing. His degree initially launched him into a successful job as a sales broker for subscription marketing company, Aditus Audience Acquisition ltd. Here he refined the art of executing sales, conducting market research, and effectively building and maintaining customer relationships. James’ detailed understanding of this landscape fed into his subsequent position as Social Media Manager for two different establishments; requiring him to think creatively and come up with compelling ideas to garner attention online. This aligns well with his current role as Project Manager, supporting innovation towards the development and promotion of The Mason Foundation.

Alongside these positions, James continued pursuing his passion for playing the drums and performing to live audiences! James has witnessed the growth of The Mason Mile from the very beginning and helped to promote, set up and run the very first Family Miles. Having previously invested his time into local volunteering, James gravitated towards this role as he has a genuine desire to help communities and enable them to live healthier and happier lives. His excellent people skills work in tandem with his passion to bring communities together, making James an incredibly driven individual, dedicated to making a difference to those who need it most.

Daniel Porter - Family Mile Facilitator / Lifestyle Coach

With 16 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Dan brings a wealth of knowledge to the team that has fuelled both the development and the delivery of The Family Mile. Dan began his career working as a sports coach at a school for children with autism before progressing into a gym environment as a personal trainer and subsequently as an Assistant Manager.

More recently, Dan joined Wellbeing People, working as a health and wellbeing events executive where he delivered large lifestyle coaching programmes and workshops before joining The Mason Mile.

Dan is our Senior Wellbeing Trainer, often known as ‘Dan the Family Mile Man’ to our Milers. He has been with The Mason Foundation since its infancy and played an integral role in the development of first Family Miles delivered across Maidstone. Dan is now responsible for training and supporting all our Mason Mile Ambassadors to deliver “Their Mile, Their Way” . Dan supports the Ambassadors to set up and embed family friendly walks and activities; offering a personal approach that helps render a strong sense of community.

Carly Howley - Marketing, PR and Communications Officer

Carly graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2019 with a BA degree in English with Creative Writing. Her choice of degree reflected a natural enjoyment and gravitation towards the art of communicating. Throughout the course of her degree, she developed her creative writing skills and the ability to attract and engage a desired target audience. This paved the way for her career in The Mason Foundation; allowing a seamless transition into a role where she could use this passion to connect and engage with communities.

Both during her time at University, and in the months that followed, Carly embarked on an eclectic mix of PR Internships. These included in-agency and in-house communication agencies that specialised in PR for the likes of restaurants, lifestyle, and technology. In 2018, Carly spent a month in Berlin as part of a travel writing internship, working cohesively as part of a team to produce a travel magazine. Here she reviewed everything from restaurants to historical monuments and even base jumping.

Carly enjoys playing netball and has previously played for various local teams as well as representing both Warwickshire and the West Midlands. She is a strong advocate for the power of physical activity and loves how The Mason Mile transcends all barriers to make exercise something that is accessible to all.


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