I am fully supportive of the objectives that the Mason Mile is trying to achieve, tackling obesity and mental health via exercise and diet. It is a free mile park run, open to people of all ages and abilities, and designed to attract families to get active and benefit from a healthy lifestyle in fresh air. Participants can even bring along their pets, so there is no excuse to not get involved!

Helen Whatley

Inspired by my Tonbridge run, I went on my second mile run on Sunday; I think I shaved 90 seconds off my time and not only was it easier second time round but I hurt less afterwards too! I plan to run a mile every weekend as a consequence of The Mason Mile! CMON!


My 18-year-old daughter brought her 20-year-old friend to the Mason Mile in Tunbridge Wells. As both had been drinking (too heavily I might add) the night before the friend actually stopped to be ill halfway round the course but still completed in under 8 minutes to achieve the black wrist band! My daughter expected to take at least 15 minutes but as she neared the finish she realised that if she pushed herself just that bit harder she would achieve the Mile in under 10 minutes and get the black and green band. I nearly missed her passing me by as I was looking at the tail enders but there she was zipping past that post and I did get a pic! Their elation was spectacular and, when their nausea had passed, I took them on the pedal boats for a slow cool down. It was a wonderfully fun day.


I took part in your event at Dunorlan Park together with my wife and 2 of my 3 children (eldest was away). I didn’t get a chance to speak to you personally on the day but I wanted to belatedly take this opportunity to formally thank-you for a superb event. It was brilliant to get our family out doing something like this which they otherwise wouldn’t have done. You’ve done a really good thing with this and although not everyone may have thanked you personally, everyone was buzzing at the time and extremely grateful. These are the sort of community events which make for a richer life.

I really appreciate what you’ve done. It did inspire.


Just to say that I thought the inaugural Mason’s Mile event was a great success, all the more so because of the timing toward the end of the school year and the fact that it went from zero to full on and successful in only four weeks! It was really good to see so many families out together on a Sunday morning.  We will have pupils and staff present again at the next Tunbridge Wells event and hope for reasonable weather on October 15th.

As you know, we will also be finding a way next (school) year to get most, if not all, of our pupils to walk a mile each day. Mason’s Mile has inspired us to do so!

Mason’s Mile was held in the same spirit as Oakley School – clear challenge but in a friendly and supportive environment.  It was great to see the slower runners and walkers being cheered and clapped in as they completed their mile.  I was especially struck by how inclusive the event was. The children and young people at Oakley School all have severe or complex learning difficulties, often with additional communication difficulties. They overcome challenges on a daily basis and it was great to see that the mile course was wheelchair friendly and also that all the marshals, organisers and participants were so inclusive and so welcoming. Our people may not have been the fastest, but that’s not the point – they came, they contributed and they achieved and everyone at the event got a great clap and a cheer.  Our pupil’s satisfaction and pride in their achievement was plain to see.

Pride in achievement and confidence in themselves and their abilities are qualities that we constantly promote for all of our pupils at Oakley.  As a school we are happy, proud and pleased to be included in Mason’s Mile.

Wishing you continued success


The Mason Mile event was a great experience for my 5 year old son, he loved the energy and atmosphere of the event at the start and the support at the finish once he had completed the challenge. I know that he will treasure his wristband and sense of achievement for a long time to come.


Just wanted to say thanks for a smashing event this morning. My daughter and a couple of her TWGGS friends enjoyed it enormously and were surprised by what they achieved. You created a really nice atmosphere and it was obvious that the event had been planned by runners because of the nice wide start that enabled everyone to find a pace without bottlenecks, the well marshalled route and the properly measured distance. Thanks again. We look forward to the next one!

Sean from Tunbridge Wells