The Challenge

The Mason Mile Challenge is a totally free family event to demonstrate the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet. It is a fully inclusive event, for all ages and abilities, with allowances for ALL categories of disability.

We are using the resources of The Mason Foundation and are coordinating with local schools, councils, businesses and exercise groups to organise a multitude of 1 mile runs across the country, occurring whenever and wherever there is sufficient demand.

All participants will receive a rubber wristband upon completion of the 1 mile challenge and there are cash prizes for runners meeting the below criteria :

Runners completing the Mason Mile in 10+ minutes :
  • Solid lime green wristband.
Runners completing the Mason Mile in 8-10 minutes :
  • Lime green wristband with a black line through it.
  • If the participant is under 13, they will also receive £1.
Runners completing the Mason Mile in under 8 minutes :
  • Black wristband with a lime green line through it.
  • If the participant is under 13, they will also receive £2.

All cash is paid at the event upon completion of the race. Participants who complete the Mason Mile and bring their pet when collecting their winnings, will be awarded an additional 50p for their pet!!

The Mason Mile Challenge is not a charity fun run, however at the end of the race there will be a selection of charities where the contestants, if they wish, are able to donate some or all of their winnings.

What the challenge achieves :

The Mason Mile challenge aims to encourage the following positive traits / life lessons in the children and teenagers who participate :

  • Motivation, self-control and self-discipline
  • Decision-making
  • Hard work
  • The understanding that life can be tough and competitive
  • Moral and social responsibility to look after yourself
  • Helping others less fortunate Leadership and teamwork
  • Valuing exercise and diet
  • What you can do for society, not what society can do for you.

Result :

The Mason Mile facilitates the notion of “saying it the way it is”. This is achieved by indirectly demonstrating to families the problems associated with obesity and the benefits that exercise and a healthy diet can bring. This also encourages self-reflection and analysis, and conversations about sensitive but necessary subjects.

The Mason Mile aims to show the benefits of instigating changes around exercise and diet; these changes will increase self-esteem and positivity, which in turn improves overall mental well-being, thus betting a families performance and a childs education.

Marketing :

The Mason Mile challenge aims to utilise Social Media platforms and word-of-mouth as the primary method for Marketing.

We are hoping that the challenge of “beating the Mason Miler” and the achievement of the various levels of wristband will fuel the chatter on social media amongst under 13 year olds and instigate discussions at family/friend gatherings.

The challenge is not primarily about the money the children receive; but the payment is the USP of the Mason Mile challenge, setting it apart from the many charity fun runs. We hope that it will provide a marketing “edge” to the challenge, and will encourage children to potentially make the decision to donate their winnings to charity providing a further “feel-good” factor.

The back story of Stephen Mason (the man behind the Mason Mile), personalises the challenge and will create media interest through the physical “buckets of cash” which he will bring to each of the races. Stephen’s passion for charity and educating people on exercise and a healthy diet is what initially fuelled the challenge. The topic of obesity and diabetes being one of the largest drains on the NHS, is another key element which inspired the Mason Mile race. You can find more information on this on the Facts and Figures page.