The Mason Mile

The Mason Mile Challenge is a totally free family event to demonstrate the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet. It is a fully inclusive event, for all ages and abilities, with allowances for ALL categories of disability.

We are using the resources of The Mason Foundation and are coordinating with local communities, schools, councils, housing associations, businesses and exercise groups to organise a multitude of 1 mile walks and jogs across the country.

All participants will receive one of three different rubber wristbands upon completion:

Runners completing the Mason Mile in 10+ minutes :
  • Solid lime green wristband.
Runners completing the Mason Mile in 8-10 minutes :
  • Lime green wristband with a black line through it.
Runners completing the Mason Mile in under 8 minutes :
  • Black wristband with a lime green line through it

All pets are welcome, and to date we have seen many dogs, a couple of hamsters, and a goldfish !, (so far we have not seen a horse !!!), so please get your parents permission and bring your pets along.

No special clothes or shoes are required just turn up in what you are wearing (you can even come in your pyjamas and slippers), and there is no gym membership or entry fee 😊

We are all about families, and we see many pushchairs with multiple kids and pets in tow. All we care about is everybody finishing at their own pace and having a good time; and afterwards everyone feels and looks a lot happier ….. and everyone becomes part of the community 👍👍

Our mottos are: “everybody can do it” and “nobody is left behind“

What the Mason Mile achieves :

We aim to positively help families, children and teenagers, highlighting:

  • You can do it
  • You are doing your bit
  • You are part of a community and the team
  • You are helping others less fortunate
  • You value exercise and diet
  • Nobody is left behind


The Mason Mile creates support and help amongst the family and the local community and positively nudges everybody into the benefits of moving more, where after time this leads to considering and improving your diet, and bettering your mental health (you feel good about yourself and realise that you can do it..👍)

How do we do it:

We are a Charity and everything is Free; free entry, free wristbands, free fruit and  water and free T-shirts, and free and continued support and help.

We have an under 13s panel that tells us if we are getting it right with the children and the family and the local community.

We work with the family, the primary schools, the housing association, the council and local community and Sport England and Public Health England to establish the areas where you would like us to hold the Mason Mile.

Once you get more confident, we coordinate with all the existing initiatives, (football club, rugby club, hockey club, Parkrun, the Daily Mile etc); to help and support you to continue to develop your exercise with an established club of your choice.

And, if required, our well being offices can guide you and support you to the existing health referral pathways and well-being provision (healthy cooking, financial management, weight and mental health understanding etc).

We are easy to understand, everybody can do it and nobody is left behind, (and walking a mile is the beginning of moving into regular and structured exercise).

And if you really want ….. you can always build towards completing The Mason Mile Ultimate challenge “can you jog a mile in 10 minutes” ? 😊

There are 4 types of Mason Miles:

The Local Mason Mile: A simple “all year round” mile circuit for the family and individuals which you can walk, jog or run, where dogs are welcome. Having a fun time where you are supported to improve your health by regular, easy and fun family exercise.

Upto 3 times per week, centrally and rurally within your area, at locations and times agreed with the local community; with the local community helping us with the  responsibility and ownership and the success of their own Local Mason Mile.

Local community representatives are trained as Mason Mile well being officers, and are on hand to provide the Local Mason Mile and attract helping volunteers and helping all comers with their health and fitness , ….and all for free !!

We will work with the council and the community to create sign posted, all-weather, 1 mile circuits; allowing you to regularly exercise The Local Mason Mile in all weathers and at times to suite you.

National business sponsorship will establish the giving of credits for each Local Mason Mile that you complete, allowing all levels of ability to achieve the top accolade, simply by participation. Credits are then redeemed for local prizes (cinema tickets, leisure center access etc)

The Community Mason Mile: Free events held twice a year in the summer months in the same areas as the Local Mason Mile; with a well-being theme, and rewarding via free wristbands and free T-shirts.

The School Mason Mile: Integrated into the school curriculum, and held at the school by the PE dept as required, with virtual support from us, and linking to the Local Mason Mile.

The Business Mason Mile: “For profit” events sold to corporations, for the well-being of their staff, where the business is asked to work with the local community and to raise funds for the their local primary schools PE department.