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The Silver Mile is an initiative specifically focused on getting the older generation more active by regular walking, jogging, or even running a mile! The Silver Mile provides older people with a solution, and activity suitable for them, with likeminded people, creating an overall positive feeling of wellbeing. The Silver Mile can be delivered within the community or within residential homes or other social or care settings.

Why get involved?

“Walking is the most ancient exercise and still the best modern exercise…

…You don’t have to go fast… you just have to go”
Walking has so many benefits for older people and is a fantastic activity which can specifically target the growing needs of our ageing communities. The Silver Mile provides support for everyone to take part in regardless of ability or disability. Coming along to one of The Silver Mile group walks offers a great opportunity to make new friends and get involved with the local community, as well as improving physical, mental, and emotional health. There isn’t any pressure to complete The Mile in a set time, or event wear specific clothing; just come along and do your mile, your way.

Experts have found that people aged 60 and over who did just 15 minutes of activity each day, reduced their risk of dying early by 22%, compared to those of a similar age who were inactive. *NHS (2015)

Currently the NHS recommends older adults do 150 minutes of moderate activity each week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity.

Will there be support to help me?

We train our team of Silver Mile Champions to offer motivation and help along the way, to encourage everyone to get involved. We carefully consider any obstacles that may make it more difficult for older people, such as cognitive impairments, walking problems, or any existing health conditions. Our Champions make sure each Mile is flexible to the needs of the group so that everyone can enjoy being part of the Silver Mile regardless of ability or disability.
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Setting up a Silver Mile

Whether you are a charity, a residential or nursing home or any other social or care setting, you can establish The Silver Mile within your setting.

We have a package of resources and training to make it easy for you to implement The Silver Mile in a way that works for your users.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch and one of our team will be able to talk you through the simple process of setting up The Silver Mile in your setting.

Become a Silver Mile Champion

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Mile Champion, please get in touch with us.
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It’s easy to implement your Silver Mile with our resource pack! This includes:

  • A dedicated Account Manager from The Mason Foundation to help on board your setting and provide support
  • Online access to our Silver Mile Membership Hub
  • A large wall chart so that staff and residents can keep track of their progress
  • Motivational posters with walking and wellbeing tips
  • The Silver Mile tracker, to log individual and team miles
  • Miler feedback form, activity questionnaire and Mile record card
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